Home Theater guide

More and more of us establish today – to a greater or lesser extent – a home theater in our home.

For some it means a large flat screen and popcorn while for others it means that you go all in on the projector, screen, surround sound system and various media players.

The vast majority of us find ourselves somewhere in between – we might want to have a flat screen for daily use and so the opportunity to see films on the big screen when we need comfort. But what should we buy, how much should we expect that it will cost – and how do we do at all.

Home Theater projector

In principle, there are two scenarios for a “do it yourself” home theater – you can either equip eg. Your existing living room with large flat screen and maybe a good plant for sound OR you can decorate a room for it and here it is so typically you give the little extra with projector, etc.

Personally, in our family we have chosen an intermediate solution where we have a projector in the living room as “TV” – ie we have no longer any flat but has a projector so we have a home theater without the “cost” an entire room in the house.

cheap home theater
Home Theater need not be as expensive as many imagine – with us, we have built one with a BENQ projector for about £5,000, A 100 “screen for £70. And a cheap home theater system and we have never been having so much fun before. Do you go up in price you typically get a projector with better picture and less noise from the cooling is a canvas that reflects better and a sound system with something more zest.